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Birthday (CB-BD-R-1)

Click here  to see one average design with every item shown with dimensions.

design (CB-BD-R-1) is available as:

  • Laminated Pins
  • Laminated Earrings
  • Laminated Tie Tacks/ Lapel Pins
  • Laminated Bookmark
  • Greeting Card w/ color-coord. envelope
  • Gift Tags
    (pack of 10)
  • Laminated Reusable Place Cards
    (pack of 8)
Large Pin and Earring
Model wearing medium pin & earrings

Greeting Card & Gift Tag
Tie Tack
The artist combines her own original art with other images to create each design, then prints them in brilliant color on high-quality paper.  Pins, earrings, tie tacks, and bookmarks are cut by hand to conform to the image's shape.  Each item (except gift tags) is signed individually.  Except for greeting cards and gift tags, items are then laminated to make them durable but lightweight.
Reusable Place Cards (3 versions)
Medium Pin
Use dry- or wet-erase marker...
wipe clean for next use.

Price and Order Number List for BIRTHDAY items:

Pin, Small, Laminated CB-BD-R-1-PIN-SML $15.00
Pin, Medium, Laminated CB-BD-R-1-PIN-MED $15.00
Pin, Large, Laminated CB-BD-R-1-PIN-LRG $15.00
Earrings, Small, Laminated...
with plain earwires CB-BD-R-1-EAR-SML (PL) $15.00
with Sterling Silver earwires CB-BD-R-1-EAR-SML (SS) $16.00
with Gold-Filled earwires CB-BD-R-1-EAR-SML (GF) $16.00
Earrings, Medium, Laminated...
with plain earwires CB-BD-R-1-EAR-MED (PL) $15.00
with Sterling Silver earwires CB-BD-R-1-EAR-MED (SS) $16.00
with Gold-Filled earwires CB-BD-R-1-EAR-MED (GF) $16.00
Earrings, Large, Laminated...
with plain earwires CB-BD-R-1-EAR-LRG (PL) $15.00
with Sterling Silver earwires CB-BD-R-1-EAR-LRG (SS) $16.00
with Gold-Filled earwires CB-BD-R-1-EAR-LRG (GF) $16.00
Tie Tack, Small, Laminated CB-BD-R-1-TTK-SML $12.00
Tie Tack, Medium, Laminated CB-BD-R-1-TTK-MED $12.00
Tie Tack, Large, Laminated CB-BD-R-1-TTK-LRG $12.00
Bookmark, Laminated, 6-3/4 x 1-1/2 inches CB-BD-R-1-BKM $7.50
Greeting Card, blank inside, 5-1/2 x 4-1/4 inches,
with Hot Pink (H) or Purple (P) envelope...packs may
be 50-50 Hot Pink and Purple (HP) envelopes...
one card CB-BD-R-1-CRD (1H) or (1P) $3.00
pack of 4 CB-BD-R-1-CRD (4H) or (4P) or (4HP) $10.00
pack of 12 CB-BD-R-1-CRD (12H) or (12P) or 12HP) $25.00
Reusable Place Cards, Laminated, 2-1/4 x 4 inches,
pack of 8...
Version 1, with Fuschia border CB-BD-R-1-PLC (V1F) $15.00
Version 2, with Lavendar border CB-BD-R-1-PLC (V2L) $15.00
Version 3, with Purple border CB-BD-R-1-PLC (V3P) $15.00