Joyful Jewelry...
Individually hand-produced items made from prints of original art signed by the artist, including earrings, pins, lapel pins, bookmarks, gift tags, greeting cards, and reusable place cards for table guests.
You may call to order at (510) 839-0909 or (510) 562-5878 or fax (510) 839-2950.  email Eve@EvesOriginals.Com
ALSO AVAILABLE:  Many New Designs...request catalog! 
1-in-10 for peace:   I give the price of every 10th item I sell to groups that work for peace.
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Now you can also buy my Eve's Originals designs printed on T-shirts, ceramic mugs, and many other products through Cafe Press. Use this link to browse and buy: to go directly to my "shop" on the Cafe Press website. You'll find:
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